Low-carbon, high-efficiency HSWG OVEN, 
a new paradigm demanded by the times and customers


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Low-carbon, high-efficiency HSWG OVEN, a new paradigm demanded by customers and the era with many companies, is widely used in automobiles, heavy industry, and home appliances and its use is expanding not only domestically but also overseas with a variety of product lines. We are committed to being your supportive partner with a new paradigm that can contribute to essential ESG management through HSWG drying technology

Heat Spreader Wave Guide
Technology Commercialization

Applying HSWG (Heat Spreader Wave Guide) drying technology to the field of paint drying for automobiles, ships, and heavy equipment to save energy, control safety fire hazards, reduce carbon emissions, improve working environment, quality and productivity

Application area

Introducing differentiated heat drying design technology of HSWG

Intelligent machine technology

AI smart oven

Green technology

Greenhouse gas reduction

Energy saving technology

Reduce energy, maintenance costs

Three Tech Promotion video

Introducing the world's only heat spreader products applicable to THREE TECH's industrial dryer.

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