HSWG Features

Efficiency of HSWG heat treatment oven

Energy consumption

  • Compared to hot air dryer, the energy consumption of the radiant wave dryer is reduced by 29.39%

Dry quality

  • When drying performance was confirmed by comparing the moisture content of samples, the radiant wave dryer showed 10.7% better performance
  • In far-infrared efficiency measurement, the emissivity (5~20㎛) is 0.91, and radiant energy (W/㎡) is 3.672x, which is excellent.

Annual greenhouse gas emissions

  • GHG emissions of radiant wave dryers are reduced by 34.04% compared to hot air dryers

Test Report

Hot air drying furnace

Performance comparison by equipmentson
Item /Facility
Hot air type drye
Hotplate infrared dryer
HSWG infrared dryer (THREE TECH)
· Contact between the hot air stand and the objec
·  Infrared ray penetration dry target
·Infrared ray penetration dry target
Internal temperature of drying room
· High temperature
· Heats the outside of an object to be dried with high-temperature hot air
· High temperature
· The surface temperature of the heater heating plate (400℃) heats the air inside the dry room.
·Low temperature
·The HS module does not heat the air inside the dry room
Heat loss
 · Loss of heat transfer through the interior, walls, ceiling, and floor of dry room
· Loss due to absorption inside the dry room, walls, ceiling, and floor
· Little or no loss
Energy saving effect
 · The larger the size, the higher the energy loss
· Energy saving effect is satisfactory up to 0.7m between an object to be dried and the infrared heating plate
· Energy saving effect is satisfactory up to 20m distance between the infrared module and the object to be dried
Drying technology
 · Hot air convection drying technology
· Existing radiation wave drying technology
· High-performance radiant wave drying technology
Reduction effect
 · 1
· 10% (compared to hot air dryer)
· 30% (compared to hot air dryer)
Facility expense
 · Relatively low
· Relatively low
· Relatively high
Operating expense
 · High (low efficiency)
· High (Combined use of hot air)
· Low
Drying quality and process improvement
 · Normal
· Normal 
·Severely improved
Occupational health and safety
 · Risk of fire
· Risk of fire
· Safe (explosion-proof approved product)

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