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Total solution for industrial drying

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THREE TECH is committed to customer trust and satisfaction.

THREE TECH specializes in developing, manufacturing, and installing HSWG units that have excellent GHG reduction and energy saving effects, which can be remodeled in a short period for installation in existing dryers.

THREE TECH endeavors to achieve the finest facility environment and customer satisfaction through continuous technology development. The company has created improved products through steady growth since approval of its business reorganization by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2018.

THREE TECH Co., Ltd. CEO Cho So-ang

Total solution for industrial drying

Reducing energy costs 

Through a simple structure, compared to the conventional hot air method, heat is transferred in the form of radiation that does not require a medium during heat transfer, so only the target conductor is directly heated, resulting in high energy efficiency.


As no fossil fuels are used, there is no greenhouse gas emission and no separate environmental facilities required.

Maintenance convenience

Simple structure, low maintenance cost due to no requirement for peripheral equipment

Increases space utilization (no need for environmental facilities)

Improving working environment

After drying, the post-process work environment is improved by increasing temperature mainly on substrate surfaces, thereby reducing the need to install a separate cooling device after drying

Quality improvement

Securing high-quality performance, improving quality by more than 90% compared to hot air (saving costs and rework time)

Fire prevention

Hot air method causes continuous fire in furnace

 Business Development
Vehicle frame body

Hyundai Motors vehicle body sealer/putty drying line renovation and new line application

Confirmed applicability to the primer/middle coat of the electro-coating line of Hyundai Motors (Hyundai Motor Research Institute) Currently, the possibility of applying topcoat electro-coating is under review

Heavy industry products

Low-temperature drying (based on coating: 80 Celsius or less) 50% + energy saving effect is confirmed compared to hot air method.

Market diversification review

The shipbuilding industry also requires high-quality construction and cost reduction. Thus, THREE TECH plans to discover and respond to areas where HSWG is applied.

 Further tasks
Smart drying system

Developed a system that adjusts the angle of an automatic reflector to secure optimal efficiency according to products

Developed a system that displays energy use status and energy efficiency

Technology settings

Technical support for sales promotion (provides reliable technical data for customers)

Sales promotion

In need of additional sales channels, including shipbuilding industry that require high quality/cost reduction)

Capabilities are focused on applying HSWG systems when investing in large-scale drying furnaces (automobile body frame) and new lines

Boost recognition of HSWG products for application to small drying furnaces

-Pioneering overseas automobile manufacturers

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