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Contributing to ESG management of industries by reducing energy consumption by 30%

THREE TECH Co., Ltd. CEO Cho So-ang

Paint drying is an essential process on industrial sites for automobiles, ship, and heavy equipment manufacturing.
Most domestic industrial sites use hot-air drying equipment that blows hot wind created by burning fossil fuels. THREE TECH is taking the lead in actualizing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) management by supplying “HSWG Intelligent Dryer” with an eco-friendly radiation drying method to domestic and overseas industrial sites.
The core of the HSWG intelligent dryer is radiation technology that converts electrical energy into radiant waves.
Optimized waveguide technology concentrates heat mainly on the painted object to be dried, with technology that controls temperature by regulating the density of radiation waves. While existing infrared drying technology has a range of 70cm, THREE TECH has advanced the industrial dryer market with radiation distance of 20m.
The advantage of this product is that it consumes less than 30% the energy required by existing hot air drying equipment. Energy loss is low because there is no need for a medium that transfers air heat between radiation generator and paint. The secret to minimizing energy consumption is applying a heat recovery function that absorbs and re-utilizes emitted heat.
As this product uses radiation waves instead of burning liquefied natural gas (LNG), carbon dioxide emission is about 30% lower than that of existing hot air drying facilities. Negligible amounts of harmful gases are generated during the combustion process. There is also low risk of fire with temperature inside/outside the facility of 40 degrees lower than that of a hot air dryer, providing a pleasant environment for workers.
THREE TECH started developing the HSWG intelligent dryer in 2016, applied for a patent in 2018 and completed a demonstration test at Hyundai Motor Company’s Uiwang Research Center in the same year. The following year, we supplied radiant wave drying equipment to Hyundai Motor’s Ulsan and Jeonju plant, Kia’s India plant, and Hyundai Motor’s Indonesia plant. This year, we received favorable reviews from customers in the heavy industry, shipbuilding and home appliances sectors, in addition to automotive.
With the HSWG intelligent dryer, THREE TECH will provide technical support for companies to internalize ESG management, such as environmental protection, industrial safety, and cost reduction. Using big data to improve quality, we will diversify product lines, and lay the foundation for entering the global market

Total solution for industrial drying

Reducing energy costs 

Through a simple structure, compared to the conventional hot air method, heat is transferred in the form of radiation that does not require a medium during heat transfer, so only the target conductor is directly heated, resulting in high energy efficiency.


As no fossil fuels are used, there is no greenhouse gas emission and no separate environmental facilities required.

Maintenance convenience

Simple structure, low maintenance cost due to no requirement for peripheral equipment

Increases space utilization (no need for environmental facilities)

Improving working environment

After drying, the post-process work environment is improved by increasing temperature mainly on substrate surfaces, thereby reducing the need to install a separate cooling device after drying

Quality improvement

Securing high-quality performance, improving quality by more than 90% compared to hot air (saving costs and rework time)

Fire prevention

Hot air method causes continuous fire in furnace

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