Technical Overview

Characteristics of each drying facility

Comparison of characteristics by drying equipment

Item  /   Facility
HSWG infrared drying equipment
Hotplate infrared dryer
Hot air dryer
· Infrared ray penetration dry target
· Infrared ray penetration dry target
· Hot air dryer
Internal temperature of dry room
· Low temperature
· HS module does not heat the air inside the dry room
· High temperature
· The surface temperature of the heating plate (400℃)heats the air inside the dry room.
· High temperature
· Heats the outside of an object with high-temperature hot air
Heat loss
· Rarely, if any
· Loss due to absorption inside the dry room, walls, ceiling, and floor
Loss of heat transfer through the interior, walls, ceiling, and floor of dry room
Energy saving effect
· Energy saving effect is satisfactory up to 20m distance between infrared module and an object
· Energy saving effect is satisfactory up to 0.7m between an object and infrared heating plate
· The larger the size, the higher the energy loss
Drying technology
HS drying technology
Existing HS drying technology
Hot air convection drying technology
Reduction effect 
Facility expense
Relatively high
Relatively low
Relatively low
Operating expense
High (combination use with hot air)
High (low efficiency)
Drying quality and process improvement
Greatly improved
Industrial safety and health

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