Applied to company H's automobile production plant-Deadener/sealer line

 Sealer main drying area


Rear wheel house

Wheel side center

Front wheel house

④ Bottom of the front window

Internal body

Wheeler A

Wheeler B

⑦ Interior floor

Interior floor

 Status of automobile self-drying technology improvement

 Main details of improving automobile drying temperature

Details of main improvement

Temperature improvement

Exterior body
Module location settings to efficiently transfer heat to the vehicle body

Drying can be achieved when the temperature of an object rises to 110℃
Selects the location of reflector optimized for dry area
Maintains high temperature by installing diaphragm reflectors on both sides of heater
Interior body
Improves temperature of deficit areas by spraying to the inside through internal circulation of hot air and
Setting top module position and reflector angle
Energy efficiency
Product development with excellent heat discharge outside the heater
▶ Test not conducted, but energy efficiency is expected to improve by 14% when installed.

Durability/ energy efficiency
Heater output upper limit is set to energy input matches required heat

 KTX(Train) Painting heating drying facility

New 1 unit

Remodeling 1 unit

 Special Feature

Company H's painting plant procedure painting, putty heating and drying facility

Model Name
NEP procurement of excellent product
Exterior : Basic W 5.4M x L 28M x H 6M

Interior : Basic W 5.3M x L 27.9M x H 5.9M
 Main Door
Auto Shutter Type Basic W 4.5M x H 5.5M

Suv Door
Basic W 0.7M x H 1.8M

Continuous exhaust 100 CMM
Compliance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act
KS 1 Class
Heating dryer
288kW/HR Explosion-proof ( = 247,680KCAL/HR)
Paint putty drying for one train Temperature/time -80℃/40 minutes
For front/back of train END. HS module
Driving distance: 15M Move up/down, back/forth

Comparison table between company H’s existing facilities and installed HSWG facilities

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